The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Jeffrey C. Grip, Board Chair
  • John Cummerford, Secretary
  • Michael Bierut 
  • John DiCiurcio
  • Donald Fairweather*
  • Janice Jerde
  • Reed Kroloff*
  • Neil Levine
  • Susan Jacobs Lockhart
  • Carmen Lonstein
  • Alanna Mack, Treasurer
  • Daniel Marquardt
  • David Mohney*
  • Doug Moreland
  • John Stubbs
  • Thomas Wright
  • Steven Zylstra

*Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Board Member

Executive Committee
  • Jeffrey C. Grip, Chairman
  • Daniel Marquardt
  • David Mohney
  • Donald Fairweather
  • John Cummerford
  • Alanna Mack
Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
Board of Governors
In 2008, the Foundation Trustees also established a subsidiary board for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture to provide academic governance oversight for the School of Architecture’s accredited undergraduate and graduate programs. For more information about the School's Board of Governors, click here.
Unitarian Meeting House
Madison, Wisconsin, 1947
The Unitarian Meeting House is a majestic building, with a soaring roof, natural materials, and an interlocking geometry. It is one of twenty-six houses of worship designed by Wright.