Program Overview
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation offers students a living experience of Frank Lloyd Wright’s body of work through classes, workshops and special camps, with a focus on Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture, and the arts.
Fall and weekend classes and a popular series of summer camps are held at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ.  A distance learning initiative called Wright Design has introduced thousands of students to architecture through live broadcasts of specialized lessons into Arizona classrooms.  Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation educators also offer support to teachers  seeking educational resources and creative material for classroom presentations and project planning. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation also coordinates field trips for school students at Taliesin West as part of its education programming.
For more information about classes, consultation services, materials, or field trips please contact the Foundation's K-12 Program Coordinator Lilli Urenda at or 480.627.5361.
fall 2014 classes

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Fall 2014 Class schedule offers exciting opportunities for students from 7th Grade through adult to explore their creativity and imagination.  All classes are held at Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s legendary home and architectural laboratory in Scottsdale, AZ.  All classes include an in-depth tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous winter home and studio at Taliesin West.

Book space in any of our classes  online through  Advance booking for classes is required and can be done easily online through

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You may also book your class or camp reservation over the phone at (888) 516-0811.  


Ceramics and Pottery - $325 for Four Week Session / $245 for Three Week Session

Explore the ancient art form of ceramics and pottery by joining this four-week class. Students will learn various construction techniques such as pinch, coil, slab, throwing and press-mold to promote discovery of form, volume and texture. Learn to use the potter's wheel and experiment with different surface designs and glazes. Visuals, demonstrations and critiques will help students to improve technique and develop concepts.  Participants will learn various techniques to create art using clay and select the glazes to use and discover how firing in the kiln can change the colors.  Fee covers class and materials.  Students must be 18-years-of-age or older to register.

Class Sessions and Times for 4 week sessions ($325):
  • September 1-24, Meeting on Mondays  and Wednesdays (6pm-9pm)
  • September 2-25, Meeting on Tuesdays  and Thursdays (6pm-9pm)
  • October 6-29, Meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays (6pm-9pm)
  • October 7-30, Meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays (6pm-9pm)
Class Session and Time for Three Week Session ($245):
November 4-20, Meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays (6pm-9pm)

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Introduction to Hand-Drafting & Design - $120

Develop your architectural drawing skills by taking this two-day class, which covers line weights, scale, poche and shadow. Concepts and composition will be discussed as students create their own design within the project parameters. A peer review will take place where each student will give a short presentation of their final drawing and design which is a similar practice conducted within an architecture degree program or career. Participants will create a study model and develop a design to be drawn and develop a final floor plan drawing of a design for a mock review.  Fee covers an entire weekend of class, lunch and materials.  Students must be in grades 9-12 to register.

Class Sessions and Times ($120):
September 13-14, Meeting on Saturday and Sunday (9am-3pm)
October 11-12, Meeting onSaturday and Sunday (9am-3pm)
November 8-9, Meeting on Saturday and Sunday (9am-3pm)

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Introduction to Photography - $200

The landmark architecture of Taliesin West is the backdrop for a weekend photographic journey. Learn the tools needed to take control of a camera including aperture, shutter speed and ISO, while applying creative approaches to composition, image framing and light and shadow challenges.  Participants will spend time each day taking photographs of the estate and surrounding Sonoran desert and edit and experiment with special effects using a computer.  Students must provide their own fully manual camera and corresponding USB cable. Fee covers an entire weekend of class, lunch and materials.  Sessions are available for students in Grades 7-12, and 18-years-of-age or older.

Class Session and Time for Students in Grades 7-12 ($200):
October 4-5, Saturday (10am-6pm) and Sunday (10am-4pm)
Class Session and Times for Students 18-years-of-age or older $200:
September 13-14, Saturday (10am-6pm) and Sunday (10am-4pm) 
November 8-9, Saturday (10am-6pm) and Sunday (10am-4pm)

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Landscape Plan Watercolor  - $120

Bring your landscape plan to life by learning several watercolor techniques in this two-day class. Students will learn how to mix colors to get various shades and how to layer to get an in-depth rendering. We will explore different brush strokes to create texture and add character to landscape drawings.  Participants will practice drawing landscape materials and watercolor brush strokes and develop a final landscape plan design to watercolor using the techniques learned.  Fee covers an entire weekend of class, lunch and materials.  Students must be in Grades 9-12 to register.

Students grades 9-12:
Septembr  20-21, Saturday & Sunday (9am-3pm)
October 18-19, Saturday & Sunday (9am-3pm)
November 15-16, Saturday & Sunday (9am-3pm)


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Bring your class and visit us at Taliesin West. We are happy to welcome school groups to tour Wright's home and studio and learn about architecture. For field trip participants the fee is $3 per student, $10 per chaperon, and complimentary for teachers. To schedule your visit please contact the Foundation's K-12 Program Coordinator Lilli Urenda at or 480.627.5361.