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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation will be a leading, global, multi-disciplinary center for education, scholarship, debate and research committed to the place of architecture and the arts in enriching the quality and dignity of life.
When we come to understand architecture as the essential nature of all harmonious structure we will see that it is the architecture of music that inspired Bach and Beethoven, the architecture of painting that is inspiring Picasso as it inspired Velasquez, that it is the architecture of life itself that is the inspiration of the great poets and philosophers.
— Frank Lloyd Wright


Taliesin West 
Scottsdale, Arizona, 1937
Frank Lloyd Wright had a long fascination with Asian art, and was an avid collector of prints, screens, hanging scrolls, textiles, ceramics, sculptures, and rugs. He frequently used items from his collection to decorate both Taliesin and
Taliesin West.